South Axis – short description
February 2016

The South Axis (Dutch: Zuidas) is an elongated area, stretching from the Jachthaven area in the west to the RAI area in the east. The core area of the South Axis is situated directly north and south of the ‘Amsterdam-Zuid’ railway station. North of the railway station the Strawinsky area is located, with the World Trade Centre and the Atrium (currently being refurbished and extended) as prime office buildings. The Mahler area, directly south of the railway station is more or less finished and among others the office of ABN Amro and a number of high quality multi-tenant office buildings, like Ito-Som, Vinoly, The Rock and UN Studio can be found here. The Gershwhin area, south of Mahler, has a mix of offices, hotel, retail and residential. Currently two office buildings, but also five residential towers are being constructed here, supporting the final goal of the South Axis to provide for a mixed-use area.


Facts & Figures:
•     The A10 highway will be widened from 8 to 12 lanes over a length of 6 kilometres. A part of the widening will be underground
•     Around 120,000 extra open space in central South Axis will be gained when A10 passes through underground.
•     Railway station Zuid will have four railway tracks, with space reservation for two additional tracks.
•     Railway station Zuid will have 4 metro tracks, including double tracks for the new Noord/Zuid metroline.
•     Station Zuid is the fastest growing railway station in the Netherlands with 70,000 people travelling through. It is expected that the number of travellers will triple to 210,000 by 2030.

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